About Hoogeslag Sales & Export

Marchell Hoogeslag has more than twenty years experience in sales throughout the EU. Thanks to his capacity as a Sales manager for several companies in different fields, he knows exactly how to deal with specific cultural differences between many countries. .

Business Network
Throughout the years, Hoogeslag has built up a strong and broad business network. Contacts all over Europe allow Hoogeslag Sales & Export to open just the right door for you. Your company and your product are always our starting-point. From there, we can build the bridge to your new market.

Language skills
Hoogeslag has excellent language skills: he speaks, both in spoken and written English, French, Spanish, German and of course Dutch. Throughout the years, he’s been abroad on a regular basis, allowing him to become familiar with local customs and traditions.




A first conversation at Hoogeslag is always beneficial and consists of:

  • Building a relationship
  • Understanding your requirements
  • Formulating a strategy for export

Your specific wish is always starting-point. After this first conversation, you will receive a detailed plan of action, including a detailed offer.

Hoogeslag Sales & Export guarantees satisfaction. Each product and each country requires its own specific approach. Should you wish to get acquainted with this experienced Commercial Manager, please contact me for an appointment.