Sales & Export

Entering a new market requires audacity/courage and entrepreneurship. When it comes to export, you might not have all knowledge of the necessary requirements. Hiring an Export manager may be a step too far in the early days. Employ an external Sales Manager!

Hoogeslag Sales & Export is your ideal partner for:

  • Market research
  • Recruitment and Selection of foreign Sales Agents
  • Contacting potential clients
  • Representation at international trade shows
  • Organization of your participation at international trade shows
  • Sales activities
  • Translations

As you see, Hoogeslag can take care of all of your needs. Why mess around, use a professional? It’s a win-win situation: taking on the challenge, without huge investments.

Each client is given customization by Hoogeslag Sales & Export. Your motive to enter a foreign market may differ completely to others. Perhaps your reason is the saturation of the domestic market for your product. Or you would like to export in order to optimize the internal structure of your company. Through more violent completion, one is often more eager to give the best.

Whatever your starting point may be, good support by someone who speaks the language and is familiar with culture and legislation will give you a head-start. Curious about your possibilities? Please contact Hoogeslag Sales & Export.